Thursday, October 21, 2010

Using Indian licence in Australia

If you're moving to australia and are wondering if you need an International Driving licence before you leave India, then stop worrying. As long as your Indian Driving Licence is in English you can use it straightaway here. It need not be an International Driver's Licence.

Getting an Australian Licene is also very easy if you have an Indian Licence which is atleast 1 year old. If you want to apply for an Australian licence from scratch (in NWS, other states have their own rules) you will have to usually climb the licence ladder gradually. This means you start off with a 'P' plate which is a restricted licence and then hold it for 12 months and then gradually move to a 'Full' licence.

However, having an Indian licence, you are eligible to directly apply for the 'Full' licence and this saves you a lot of hassles. Simply appear for the Computer Based Test first and then the actual Driving Test and get the full licence.

Driving schools may be useful to help you get a feel of Aussie driving rules etc. and may also help getting the licence easier.

Visit the RTA link to licence types and see the detailed information.


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    1. Thanks for the valuable information buddy.

      I am planning to migrate to South Australia in the month of May 2012. I am having a permanent driving licence (LTV) from Delhi Transport Authority for the last 10 years.

      Do I still need any document like an international driving permit or supporting document issued from RTA which shows that my current licence is valid???

      Kindly let me know the details because one of the other website on net is saying you have to have an IDP. Putting down the link of the same.

  2. Overseas Licence Conversion Documentation - Important
    Overseas licence. If your overseas licence is not in English a certified translation is required
    Learner permit (plastic learner permit or the paper permit)
    ID with your current address ie. a bank statement or telephone bill (original copy NOT a print out from the internet)
    ID with your signature ie. credit card or bank card
    Make sure your name is exactly the same on all documents
    It is your responsibility to have the appropriate documentation in relation to your personal circumstances as required by Vicroads
    The abovementioned is only a guide and all persons should call Vicroads 131171 or visit the Vicroads Website for official information

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  5. Hi Everyone

    You need to go on-line and make a booking for getting verification of the License done by the AMS Driving School, which are located, in Sydney.

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  7. Very happy to know that Indian license can be used in Australia. My sister is soon moving to Australia and was quite worried about her driving license. She has recently learned driving from Port Macquarie Driving School too and.